Panasonic Lumix s5

  • Full frame mirrorless camera.
  • 4k 10 bit footage full frame
  • 4k 60p crop 
  • 24mp resolution
  • nd8 -2000
  • Polarizing filter
  • 20-60mm f3.5-5.6
  • 50mm f1.4 tilt lens

Dji Air 2s

  • Main drone for professional work
  • 5.6k 10 bit d log video
  • around 25 mins flight time depending on conditions
  •  Nd filters from 4 – 2000 I have adjustable though from 2-6 stops and 7-9

FPV Gear

  • 5″ 6s custom build, 50A, Xing-e 1800kv, Caddx Vista polar
  • Bumblebee cinewhoop, ducted fpv drone
  • 7 inch analog, flies for longer but doesn’t have as much manueverability
  • GoPro Hero 10 5.6k 30p, nd 4, 8, 16, 32
  • Dji Goggles v2, crystal patch antenna, wildfire analog module with adapter
  • Radiomaster tx12, solid controller, has everything I will every need
  • Elrs on all of my drones including crux3 tinywhoop, betaflight, and custom rates, around 300 for cinematic and 600 for freestyle

Davinci Resolve Studio

Favorite for video editing, great for color grading and has tons of A.I. Features. I’ve used final cut before but I have way more hours in Davinci.

Raw Therapee

Very basic raw photo editing software, has some noise reduction and enhancing features but is mostly for color correction and processing photos.


This software is great for stabilizing Gopro footage and also helps with lens distortion correction.